Parties of the WBYCP Agreement:

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National Youth Congress (NYC) of Albania

National Youth Congress of Albania.


National Youth Council of Serbia (KOMS)

KOMS is an advocacy platform that represents the interests of young people, ensures active participation and develops systemic solutions in order to improve the youth environment through the development of strategic partnerships, cross-sectoral and international cooperation, as well as strengthening the capacity of member organizations and other subjects of youth policy.

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National Youth Council (NYCM) of Macedonia

The National Youth Council of Macedonia (NYCM) is a youth umbrella organization - a union of associations and foundations in the Republic of Macedonia. NYCM was established on June 30th 2013 by 55 founding organizations. NYCM is a non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit organization.


Central Youth Action (CYAC) of Kosovo

The purpose of the CYAC is to develop cooperation among its members by advancing the rights of young people and to ensure that a strong collective youth voice is heard to policymakers and decision-makers of all levels.


High School Students Union (UNSCG) of Montenegro


The mission of the High School Union is to enable and create a unique, safe and confidential umbrella community of all Montenegro student parliaments with a view to promoting the importance of high school student participation in decision-making processes related to all aspects of their education; strengthening the democratic potentials of young people, incorporating contemporary trends in youth activism, all through different forms of education and international cooperation.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina Association for United Nations (BHA UN)

Our mission is to promote human rights, peace, reconciliation, civic engagement and youth participation, mainly by promoting the Sustainable Development Goals and the Charter of the United Nations. We are dedicated to promoting and raising awareness of the values and spirit of the United Nations within BiH, as well as the principles of understanding, tolerance, coexistence and interconnectivity of the people regardless of the language, gender, race, national, ethnic or religious affiliation.


Cooperation and Development Institute

CDI is an Albanian think tank focused in analyzing and contributing to public policy at national and regional scale. Established in 2000, it is a politically independent, not for profit, non-governmental organization. CDI’s mission is to contribute to the quality of policy-makings with open and fact-based research, analysis, advocacy and debate.

CDI is a member of the National Council of European Integration, the highest national advisory structure regarding European Integration process in Albania set up by the Parliament of Albania.