The Secretariat is responsible for organizing substantive aspects of the Sarajevo Model UN conference. Roles include Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General, Crisis Director, Editor-in-Chief and Chairpersons/Presiding Officers. Together, the Secretariat manages the substantive part of the conference and ensures that the delegates experience the best conference possible.

For inquiries related to conference topics, chairpersons and other substantive matters, please contact the Secretariat via email:

Dina Hasanovic, SG

DINA HASANOVIĆ, North Macedonia


Dina Hasanović is currently enrolled as a fourth-year student, majoring in Foreign Trade at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje. She’s passionate about problem-solving and debate, hence why she’s attended more than ten Model UN conferences during her high school and university years. Dina has attended these conferences as a delegate, PR member, ambassador and a chair, giving her a vivid view of almost all positions a Model UN can give you. She has experience in the NGO sector, where she worked as a communications and outreach manager and is a member of student organizations in her university where she’s contributed to marketing and public relations strategies. Dina hopes to pursue her master studies in Diplomacy and believes her thus far Model UN experience has had a big impact in that decision.



Deputy Secretary-General

Sören Wehrheim is about to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Paderborn in Germany. He has a long history with Model United Nations, having participated in over 70 conferences in 20 countries so far, which is probably some kind of record.

While he has extensive experience as a member of multiple secretariats and as a chair, he also still regularly takes part as a delegate. Aside from MUN and university, Sören spends his time travelling, reading non-fiction, and starting heated debates over lunch.








United Nations Security Council




Chairperson, UNSC

David Kapandze is Georgian but was raised on the sunny island Cyprus. He has graduated from the Russian Embassy School in the Republic of Cyprus and these favorable circumstances enabled him to be quadrilingual: speaking Georgian, Russian, English, and Greek. David was always interested in diplomacy, conflict resolution and war studies – that is exactly the reason why he pursues the International Relations and European Studies degree at the very esteemed University of Nicosia. For David, MUNs are a great tool to further enhance your knowledge, and also meet other like-minded people, who in turn may be your potential colleagues.



 Chairperson, UNSC

Robert Banfić attended, and successfully passed, the prestigious International Baccalaureate high-school program in XV. Gymnasium of Zagreb, Croatia. Currently, he pursues a bachelors degree in psychology. He defines himself as well-versed in the field of diplomacy with a plethora of conferences under the belt, stretching across Europe from Athens to London. Robert hopes that delegates will show a degree of creativity that is desperately needed in balancing precarious relations in the international community and hopes to see the delegates come to elegant solutions to pressing international problems.


UN Women



Chairperson, UN WOMEN

Nika Kopajnik is 21 years old and declares herself as a book-lover. At the moment, she is an undergraduate at the University of Ljubljana where she is studying International Relations. She was a devoted participant at the MUN Slovenia Club for the past 2 years. Her interests include the Western Balkans, post-conflict reconstruction of war-torn states. Among other things, she is also concerned about climate change and environmental conservation. Nika uses her free time to visit art galleries, prepare delicious meals for her friends or just go out for a coffee.


LAMIJA GUTIĆ, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Chairperson, UN WOMEN

Lamija Gutić is a senior at the First Bosniak High School in Sarajevo who is a proud to call herself a women's rights activist Her first MUN experience was at the last year's Sarajevo Model UN where she was able to find her voice in terms of leadership and since then, she has also attended the Georgetown University Model UN. Besides attending MUNs, she represent Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Loudoun International Youth Leadership Summit in Virginia, VA and Washington, DC in April of this year. Human rights and international affairs, IT, linguistics and photography are just some of her various interests.


United Nations SDG Summit (High Level Political Forum)



Chairperson, UN SDG SUMMIT - HLPF

Nevena is currently finishing her Master's Degree in Peace Studies at the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade, Serbia, where she pursued her Bachelor's Degree in International Relations. She immersed in the world on MUNing and MEUing 3 years ago and she participated in MUNs in almost all ex-YU countries and MEUs in Brussels, Paris and Vienna. She is an Intern at the Centre for Public Policies of EU at University of Belgrade, but also active in non-governmental sector, where she encourages activism and spread of knowledge about various topics, from environmental issues to encouraging young people to participate in decision-making process. Nevena is a kind of person who likes rules and she think it's not possible to have a favorite movie or book. Could be bribed with cakes (especially chocolate ones) and she enjoys contemplating about space, politics and philosophy, sometimes too much.

Merjema Redžepović.jpg

MERJEMA REDŽEPOVIĆ, Bosnia & Herzegov.

Chairperson, UN SDG SUMMIT - HLPF

Merjema Redžepović is 20 years old and pursuing a bachelor's degree in International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Slovenia. When she isn’t busy studying or writing essays, she devoted to volunteering. Aside from volunteering, she has a passion for MUNs. Merjema participated in a handful of MUNs both as a chair and delegate, and states that she is a proud member of the MUNSC Slovenia. Her dream job is to help people live better lives and become a human rights defender.


World Health Organization


AHMED MAŠOVIĆ, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Chairperson, WHO

Ahmed is a student at the Second Gymnasium in Sarajevo where he attends the IB Diploma Program. He was a devoted team member that helped plan and coordinate a sector at EYOF 2019. He was also a volunteer at EDUS, the Diplomatic Winter Bazaar and Researchers’ Night. His interest vary from liking sports such as football, basketball, tennis, table tennis, to liking history, chemistry, biology, and enjoying watching tv shows. One of his main hobbies is travelling and collecting souvenirs from the places he visited. As he states, his life goal is to have a nice family, living in either Switzerland or Germany, and become a molecular biologist.

NADIR HIROŠ-page-001.jpg

NADIR HIROŠ, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Chairperson, WHO

Nadir just finished third grade at Druga gimnazija Sarajevo where he attends the IB Diploma Program. As his volunteer experience, Nadir enjoyed volunteering at the 24th Sarajevo Film Festival and 2018 Winter Diplomatic Bazaar. He is interested in tennis, skiing and playing golf, but he also enjoys sitting down reading history books, watching comedy and historical movies, or just painting. Amongst other things he is passionate about collecting pins from places he has visited. In the future, he plans to participate on more MUN conferences, both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad.