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Sarajevo Model UN ‘18 - Closing Ceremony

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The Scholarship Program is designated for young individuals with an aptitude and desire to become catalysts of change in their local and regional communities. The Scholarship Program is awarded to individuals that have a successful track-record in academics and community engagement.

The Scholarship Program is available thanks to a generous contribution of the Civil Law Notary Jasmina Selimović.


The ongoing Scholarship Program towards Sarajevo Model UN '19 Conference offers matching-based scholarships (contributions up to 40% of the Participation Fee - including the participation fee that covers accommodation). Matching-based scholarships are awarded according to a variety of merits and needs. Applicant should provide their reasoning/need in the motivational letter.


To be eligible for scholarship, an applicant must be a national of Bosnia and Herzegovina of age 16-21 and a full-time student enrolled in high school or university



1. National of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
2. Academic GPA (cumulative overall average grade);

3. Motivational Letter (maximum 500 words),
4. Submitted application for Sarajevo Model UN '18.


Priority will be given to applicants with a prior experience in participating in MUN conferences in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Applicants that have permanent residence outside of Canton Sarajevo are highly encouraged to apply for this scholarship opportunity.


How to apply?

Prospective Scholarship Program applicants should first apply for Sarajevo Model UN '19 (applications available here). After submitting the application for Sarajevo Model UN, prospective Scholarship applications should email required documents to no later than September 4, 2019.


Applications received after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.


Explained: Requirements

  • As supporting evidence for requirement 1., an applicant should file a copy of Identity Card or Passport

  • As supporting evidence for requirement 2., an applicant should file a copy (in high resolution) of academic transcript/student index or academic transcript for high school students

  • In case the applicant has previous experience in participating MUN conferences in Bosnia and Herzegovina, then the applicant should also send a copy of certificates of participation from MUN conferences organized in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Explained: Evaluation

Bosnia and Herzegovina Association for United Nations will collect applications and rank applications based on the above criteria. Furthermore, maximum points an applicant can get is 20 points. Requirement 2 and 3 are worth 10 points each.


Bosnia and Herzegovina Association for United Nations will email Sarajevo Model UN Scholarship recipients by September 15, 2019.