Frequently Asked Questions

In order to familiarize prospective participants with the Model UN concept, as well as to meet their expectations, listed below are answers to some of the FAQs.


What is Sarajevo Model UN?

Sarajevo Model UN is an annual Model United Nations conference that takes place in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This conference is open to University and High School students. No prior experience is required to participate, although previous Model UN experience is taken into consideration when allocating the council and State representation. 


Is there a dress code?


The dress code for Sarajevo Model UN conference is business attire, including workshop sessions and ceremonies. Western business attire (smart casual and/or business) is required. National clothing of a country you are representing is highly encouraged.

Wearing casual clothes is prohibited!


Where and when will Sarajevo Model UN be held?


Third Sarajevo Model UN Annual Conference will be held at Hotel Hills, Butmirska rd. 18, Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina from September 26-29, 2019.


Who is eligible for this conference?


This conference is tailored for University (BA, MA, PhD) and High School students. Traditionally, our participants are of age 15-25. Please review Councils section for more information.


What do I need to bring to the conference?


The badges/placards are essential and will be handed out at Conference Registration Desk. Also, you may want to check the weather forecast beforehand since the weather changes frequently at this time of the year.


Is this conference open to international participants?

Yes. Sarajevo Model UN conference is open to foreign, as well as domestic participants. 

For participants requiring accommodation, we offer a bundle that includes hotel accommodation at a competitive price. Please check the Register section to find out more. 


There is a council offered that has two topics listed. Does that mean that there will be two identical councils?

No, this simply means that the given council will have two independent topics on its agenda. At Sarajevo Model UN, almost all councils will discuss two topics.

Selected advanced councils may entertain only one topic, either because it is envisioned that the council will have an intensive crisis scenario/simulation or due to the topic complexity (overlapping of both).


What type of participation fee bundles are offered?

Participation at this conference is tailored to your needs. In case you are a local participant or do not need accommodation, you would just need to contribute in the cost of the participation fee (standard bundle).

For all participants requiring accommodation, we offer a bundle that includes hotel option and much more, at a very competitive price. Check under Register as a Delegate tab to find out more. 


Does Sarajevo Model UN offer Delegations discounts?

Yes. Sarajevo Model UN '19 offers delegations discounts. Please visit Register as a Delegate tab for specific information on discounts for delegations.


Who is the organizer of Sarajevo Model UN?




Will there be a vegetarian meal option?


Yes, there will be a vegetarian meal option, although you have to inform us - either by e-mail ( or stating this information in your application form.


I need an Invitation Letter in order to file a request for reimbursement from my university/institution, can you produce one for me?



Yes, please send an email to requesting an Invitation Letter. Please note that this letter will be issued only after settling the participation fee.


What is the official language of the conference?


The official language of Sarajevo Model UN is English. We are kindly asking all prospective participants to use only English language in all formal sessions and other informal sessions. 


Do I need previous experience to participate?


No. You do not need previous Model UN experience to be a delegate, although prospective participants should keep in mind that country allocations are based on previous Model UN experience.


How many delegates will represent a country in each committee?


Only ONE delegate will be representing his/her allocated country in a committee/council. 


Can I represent my own country?


No. The concept of an MUN conference is to immerse into academic research. Representing countries other than your own significantly contributes to better understanding of the global socio-political framework.


Can a delegation attend to Sarajevo Model UN without an advisor?


Yes, a delegation may attend the conference without an adviser, unless members of the delegation are underage (under 18 years old). In that case an adult supervisor/adviser/chaperon is required.


How can I get prepared for the conference?


Delegates may get prepared by examining the Study Guide and Rules of Procedure written by the Sarajevo Model UN Secretariat. These documents will be sent to you by your respective Chairpersons/Presiding Officers in due time.


Is it necessary to attend all the sessions?


Delegates may not miss more than 2 sessions in order to get the certificate of participation. Tardiness may be sanctioned as well.


Will there be lectures and round-table sessions with experts?


Yes. Sarajevo Model UN is a place of vertical exchange of information between accomplished experts and decision makers and prospective young individuals. This year we are planning of hosting a series of lectures and round-table sessions with various experts to deliver talks and discussions on topics that will be debated at Sarajevo Model UN.


Is travel expense included in participation bundle?


No. Travel expenses are not included in the participation fee bundles. All participants should personally bear the expense of traveling to and from Sarajevo.


Do you offer Scholarships?


We do. Please check this link for more information. 

Aside from our scholarship fund, we would like to encourage prospective participants to reach out to their academic institutions for reimbursements or their Municipality of residence requesting allocation of funds from the municipal "Youth Mobility Fund".


Could you provide me with a letter of confirmation?

Yes. Should you be interested to obtain a Letter of Confirmation, please send an email to .

Please note that you can use Letter of Confirmation for filing a request for reimbursement from your school/university or other relevant institutions that may support your personal development.


What payment options are offered?

There are two payment options available at this point: wire transfer and PayPal payment. Typically, banks charges for wire transfers may end up to 40 EUR per single transaction. To mitigate the cost of wire transfers, we are now accepting PayPal payments. Charges for PayPal payments are 7 EUR per transaction. PayPal accepts all major credit/debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

However, please be advised that conference participants should bear the cost of wire or PayPal transactions.


Do I need a visa to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Please consult with the file attached to the button "Visa Regime for Entering Bosnia and Herzegovina". If your country is not listed in this document, it means that you would have to obtain a visa to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina.


I need a visa. How can you assist me in the process of obtaining a visa for Bosnia and Herzegovina?

If you are a citizen of a country that does not have a visa-free regime with Bosnia and Herzegovina, we may assist you in providing supporting documentation to your visa request. From previous experience, we can assure you that we had dozens of delegates that were issued a visa for Bosnia and Herzegovina with supporting documentation provided by our side.

However, please note that we are not in a position of issuing or producing any supportive documentation without receiving the full amount of the Participation fee.

If your questions are answered, and if you would like to take role in the upcoming Sarajevo Model UN conference, listed below is a link to the application form.

Your question remains unanswered?

No problem. Please send us an email at , and we will get back to you with an adequate answer in due time.