Sarajevo Model UN

Sarajevo Model UN ’19 Conference Details

Conference timing: September 26-29, 2019

Conference venue: Hotel Hills (5*), Butmirska st. 18, Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina

What is Sarajevo Model UN?

Sarajevo Model UN represents an academic simulation of various multilateral bodies and agencies such as the United Nations Security Council, European Council. The first edition of Sarajevo Model UN was held in 2016, in partnership with the United Nations in BiH. The first conference attracted over 80 participants from more than 15 countries and coming from 3 continents of the globe. Aside from academic simulations of four multilateral councils (UNSC, WHO, EC and GCC) in which participants role play diplomats in multilateral organizations, our participants had an opportunity to engage in round tables with prominent members of the academia, representatives of the UN in BiH and members of the diplomatic corps to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Last year, the Conference simulated the following councils: the United Nations Security Council, United Nations Women,  European Council, and the Human Rights Council. and hosted dozen of participants, coming from more than 4 continents of the globe. Over the course of past four years, Sarajevo Model UN has evolved into one of the largest conferences in the Western Balkans, with a strong focus on academic and personal development of its participants.

What is the Main Aim of this Conference?

The main aim of the Conference is to build foundations to catalyze interaction, and enable a vertical exchange of information and knowledge between stakeholders, policy-makers, NGOs and members of the academia on one side, and prospective young individuals and aspiring diplomats from the region. The aforementioned, will help both policy-makers and participants to develop answers to some of the current issues in the domain of multilateral diplomacy. Hence, Sarajevo Model UN is a platform for participants to experience first-hand what it means to be a diplomat working and presenting at the world’s most influential multilateral institutions. Our conference offers a new experience for participants with a passion for EU, regional and international affairs, international law, PR, lobbying and journalism. By promoting diplomacy through formal council debates, and through a series of academic round-tables, our Conference will, indubitably, educate participants; as well as inspire a new generation of diplomats, attorneys, young professionals and journalists.

 What Councils will be Simulated at Sarajevo Model UN 2019?

The following committees/councils will be simulated:

  • United Nations Security Council (UN SC)

  • United Nations Women (UNW)

  • United Nations SDG Summit (High Level Political Forum)

  • World Health Organization (WHO)

In partnership with various relevant institutions, private sector and hotel Hills, we are looking forward to host 100 future diplomats and Agents for Change.

Why should I Participate at this Conference?

Because you will have a unique opportunity to interact with other Agents for Change from all over the globe, learn from leading experts, research on most pressing prevalent issues of the contemporary global affairs, develop your soft skills, negotiate in simulations -- and most importantly, have fun!

Join the movement of shaping future diplomats, apply for Sarajevo Model UN 2019!

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Letter from the Secretary-General

Dear Sarajevo Model UN Delegates and Faculty Advisors,

On behalf of the Sarajevo Model United Nation’s Secretariat, it is my privilege to welcome you to the fourth annual Sarajevo Model UN Conference. This year, Sarajevo Model UN will be held at Hotel Hills Sarajevo on September 26-29, 2019.

This conference is a gateway to stepping out of your comfort zone and learning to speak up about global issues which inevitably impact us. It is an interactive process to exercise your research skills, public speaking and teamwork. Model UN Conferences teach you how to be more compassionate, understand different perspectives and create tons of lifetime friendships.

The overarching theme for this years’ conference is #MyImpact. It revolves around the idea of changing the perspective we have about the Agenda 2030, rather focusing on presenting both individual and collective contributions towards implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our daily lives. The core of the conference is reflecting on what have we done so far and speaking on what can we do in the future to ensure the successful implementation of the SDGs.

With that being said, I hope Sarajevo Model UN will deliver you an unforgettable experience and empower you to better yourself and your community. If we can assist you with any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at We are excited to embark on this compelling journey with you, and we cannot wait to welcome you to Sarajevo Model UN this September.


Dina Hasanović

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Conference Mission

Our conference is a place of vertical exchange of knowledge and ideas between accomplished and experienced members of the academia, acting on the world stage and perspective youth interested in gaining further insight in the sphere of international relations and diplomacy.

Conference Vision

We envision Sarajevo Model UN as a place to meet, discuss and experience first-hand, what it means to be a diplomat working or presenting at the world’s biggest multilateral organization- the United Nations.

Organizing Board

The Organizing Board is responsible for organizing logistical, financial and human capital aspect of the Sarajevo Model UN conferences. The Organizing Board, conceptualizes, secures funding and acquires logistics, all in order to provide the best experience for conference participants. This team is the backbone of every successful conference/project.

EMA DŽEJNA SMOLO - Project Manager - Sarajevo Model UN 2019

EMA DŽEJNA SMOLO, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project Manager

Ema Džejna (or MJ, for short) is a student of International Relations and Diplomacy at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo with experience in project assistance, public relations and academic research. Sarajevo MUN was the first conference she attended, after which she quickly achieved recognition in other MUNs, as an awarded delegate and chairperson. Ema is a self-proclaimed bookworm with a refined taste for history and politics related humor, and she is more than happy to help gather ambitious, young professionals in such a soulful city like Sarajevo.


Conference Manager (TBA)


For inquiries related to Sarajevo Model UN conference, please contact the Organizing Board via email: For inquires related to content, specific conference agenda items or Rules of Procedure, please contact the Secretariat via email: