BHA UN participated in panel discussion during Tirana Connectivity Forum

TCF Key Note Address - President of Albania, H.E. Ilir Meta

TCF Key Note Address - President of Albania, H.E. Ilir Meta

On Thursday (November 8, 2018) representing the Bosnia and Herzegovina Association for United Nations, Mak Selimovic participated at Tirana Connectivity Forum in a panel discussion “Youth: Connecting to their own country”, along with representatives from the MFA Albania (Mr. Etjen Xhafaj), Albanian Parliament (Ms. Kejdi Mehmetaj), MFA Slovenia (Mr. Peter Grk) and European Stability Initiative (Adnan Cerimagic), and moderated by a representative from the National Youth Congress of Albania (Ms. Dafina Peci). The panel discussion was focused on youth, and particularly on the ‘brain drain’ negative side effects, and emigration of the youth from the Western Balkans region.

Mak Selimovic shared the views and conclusions expressed by the youth in a Western Balkans Youth Cooperation Platform, an event held in Tirana last month. Furthermore, he added that for the prosperous future of our region, it is detrimental that governments start working on involving the youth in all stages of policy-making - from discussing, drafting, implementing and monitoring. Answering a question from the public, Mak responded that the youth should use and improve the already existing framework for advancing their own interest, while the government should continue focusing on producing inclusive policies that foster development, pluralism, prosperity and well-being of its citizens.

Aside from the panel in which BHA UN representative was included, Tirana Connectivity Forum had a series of panel discussions with relevant speakers on topics pertaining to furthering development, cohesion the Western Balkans region, and EU enlargement.

The Tirana Connectivity Forum is an annual Conference in ‘Berlin Process Series’, organized by Cooperation and Development Institute – CDI and supported by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung – KAS, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung – FES, and Hanns Seidel Stiftung – HSS.

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